CNC Milling + Multi-Tool

Our 5 X 10 CNC Router Table and Multi–tool is the ideal piece of equipment for a broad range of woodworking, plastic and metal projects. Its’ precision and high speed is perfect for large scale production; and an integrated 3d scanner allows for rapid replication of components for complex machining projects. The multi-tool features laser etching, and an oscillating blade to smoothly cut paper boards for signage and display projects.

Woodwork + Cabinetry

Whether large scale production rollouts or one of kind projects, our expert production team can help bring your vision to life. Our design team can create it for you, presenting concepts and drawings for a new pilot or rollout or for a custom piece for your home or office or we can collaborate to help bring your concept to market. Our material and construction expertise can help you make the best choices for sustainability, quality, design and value.

Custom Metal Fabrication

We are equipped to handle all your custom metal fabrication projects, including welding, bending, finishing and polishing.
We work with all sheet and solid stock metals and specialty metal finishes.

Material Research + Development

With our extensive network of suppliers and established relationships, combined with our passion for material research, we can source and customize a range of innovative sustainable material choices.
We are always connected to the latest sustainable technologies and building partnerships with industry pioneers and environmental scientists.

Design + Engineering

Our team of expert woodworkers can take any project from concept through prototype to production. We will provide scaled 3D custom renderings and shop drawings for each project.
We look at every project from all angles to integrate sustainability, quality, design and value.

3d design + Printing

Our 3D Printer allows a whole new scale and speed of rapid prototyping:
We can take any object, scan it or model it, to test a product before bringing to market, or to help realize larger scale sculptural art installations through a much more efficient process.

Painting + finishing

Our finishing experts are able to produce a wide range of high-quality water-based finishes with low VOC (volatile organic compounds).  We avoid oil-based solvents.
We also specialize in custom finishing techniques for metal work, stains for woodwork, and faux finishes

Installations + Logistics

Sequoia-industries offers warehousing and material distribution.
We co-ordinate installations with our crew of dedicated and expert installers to ensure all details of your project are installed exactly to your specifications, and we trouble shoot for when site conditions are not as expected.
We are smart packers – using recycled packing materials and thoughtful solutions we keep our projects safe throughout handling and shipping while minimizing wasteful packaging.

RecycLing + Upcycling

We work hard to specify the most sustainable materials on the market, sometimes integrating waste materials into new materials and products; but when your products have completed their useful life, we have solutions to take back, recycle and up cycle to extend the product life even further.

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